TransformAid™ Bacterial Transformation Kit

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Kit for quick and convenient preparation of competent E.coli cells for guaranted transformation efficiencies of more than 107 transformants per µg of plasmid DNA.

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The Thermo Scientific TransformAid Bacterial Transformation Kit uses a novel method for rapid preparation of chemically-competent E. coli cells from overnight bacterial cultures or bacterial colonies. The key component of this system is the unique T-solution, which produces competent cells in a few easy steps. The quick and convenient procedure guarantees transformation efficiencies of more than 107 transformants per µg of plasmid DNA, ideal for routine cloning experiments. The option to use bacterial colonies for preparation of competent cells adds flexibility to any cloning experiment.

The TransformAid Bacterial Transformation Kit can be used with most E. coli strains commonly used for cloning: JM107, JM109, XL1-Blue, SURE, TOPP2, W3110, NM527, AD494, CJ236, GM2163, C600, BL21, M15, NM522, HB101, ER2267.


  • Efficient – more than 107 transformants per µg of plasmid DNA
  • Practical – E. coli competent cells can be prepared from an overnight culture or from bacterial colonies
  • Fast – less than 1 hour from the overnight bacterial culture to cell plating. Starting from bacterial colonies, the procedure requires only 2.5 hours
  • Easy – all procedures are performed on ice on your bench. Brief centrifugations are carried out in regular microcentrifuges


  • Routine cloning experiments
  • Blunt-end cloning
  • TA cloning


  • C-Medium
  • T-Solution (A)
  • T-Solution (B)
  • Detailed Protocol


Competent cells prepared with TransformAid Bacterial Transformation Kit are suitable for direct-use only. Freezing down and storage at -70°C is not recommended.

Hazardous No
Quality Control
  • The kit is tested in transformation of E. coli strains XL1-Blue and JM107 with pUC19 DNA.
  • Typical transformation efficiency is more than 107 transformants per µg of supercoiled pUC19 DNA.
Storage Condition -20 C

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