TopVision™ Agarose

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TopVision Agarose is highly purified agarose suitable for analytical and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids.
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Thermo Scientific TopVision Agarose provides optimal concentration between 0.7 to 2% in all typical buffer systems. It is a highly purified agarose with very low EEO values certified by strict quality control test procedures.


  • Optimal concentration between 0.4 to 5% in all typical buffer systems
  • GQ (Genetic Quality) certified, which ensures that nucleic acids recovered from preparative gels can be used for downstream applications (enzymatic reactions, etc.)
  • Low DNA/RNA binding
  • Excellent gel transparency
  • DNase and RNase free
  • Suitable for RNA analysis


  • Analytical electrophoresis of nucleic acids
  • Preparative electrophoresis
  • Blotting assays
    Electroendosmosis EEO 0.05-0.13
    Gel strength (1% gel) > 1200 g/cm2 
    Gel strength (1.5% gel) > 2500 g/cm2 
    Gelling temperature 36 ± 1.5°C
    Hazardous No
    Hazardous: No
    Melting temperature 88 ± 1.5°C
    Moisture < 7%
    Quality Control The absence of endo-, exodeoxyribonucleases, and ribonucleases confirmed by appropriate quality tests.
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    Storage Condition Ambient
    Storage Condition: Ambient

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