SARS-COV-2 Coronavirus NGS Lirary Pre kit 1x96

Kód produktu: YS-NGS-nCoV19-IL96 Kód výrobce: YS-NGS-nCoV19-IL96 Výrobce: youseq
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Simple Next Generation Sequencing of COVID19

A complete kit for amplicon based NGS Library preparation for the novel COVID19 virus. Ideal for monitoring viral populations and mutation events. Targeting amplicon based sequencing makes for a fast, easy protocol and exceptional sensitivity when working with low viral loads.

- Simple, easy protocol
- 99.5% viral genome coverage
- Amplicon based protocol , excellent sensitivity

YouSeq recommends the use of the CDC GitHub tools which are freely available here:

Illumina also provide tools compatible with the YouSeq kit here:
- Reagents for reverse transcription of viral RNA
- Primers for multiplex amplification of entire viral genome
- High fidelity master mix for proof-read amplification
- Index/adapters for 96 samples
- Beads and reagents for Library clean up
The novel coronavirus 2019 has emerged quickly and is likely to evolve further as infections spread. The YouSeq NGS SEQUENCING SARS-CoV-2 is the ideal tool for monitoring the virus and identifying any new mutation events.

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