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Luminaris Color HRM Master Mix

Kód produktu: K1031 Kód výrobce: K1031 Kód dodavatele: {7A9BECEB-9281-4FA4-8BE1-FF4050046F6F} Výrobce: Life Technologies Czech Republic s.r.o.
99 220,00 Kč
82 000,00 Kč bez DPH
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Ready-to-use master mix for easy and accurate discrimination of DNA sequence variants by High-Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis.
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Detailní popis

Thermo Scientific Luminaris Color HRM Master Mix is a convenient, ready-to-use master mix designed for the accurate detection of DNA sequence variations using High Resolution Melt (HRM) analysis method. The Master Mix complements Thermo Scientific PikoReal Real-Time System and software to provide a complete solution for HRM analysis.

The Luminaris Color HRM Master Mix contains Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase in an optimized buffer system with EvaGreen™ fluorescent dye for robust and reliable performance in PCR and HRM. The chemically modified Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase has ultra low residual activity until thermally activated ensuring PCR specificity and sensitivity. The DNA binding dye EvaGreen™ enables discrimination of even the most challenging sequence differences (such as Type IV SNP) without PCR inhibition and with no apparent sequence preference. The Luminaris Color HRM Master Mix is supplemented with an inert blue dye and a separate Yellow Sample Buffer that contains a yellow dye. Mixing both components in a reaction turns the solution green. This provides a visual aid when pipetting and decreases the risk of errors during reaction setup, especially when using white reaction vessels.


  • High performance on most real-time instruments with HRM capabilities
  • Dual-color system for easy reaction setup
  • Superior discrimination of all four SNP classes
  • High sensitivity - accurate results from 30 copies of genomic DNA
  • Exceptional stability of fully assembled reaction – for high-throughput applications
  • Optimized for PikoReal Real-Time System and software


  • SNP genotyping
  • Mutation discovery (gene scanning)
  • Heterozygosity screening
  • Bacterial genotyping
  • CpG methylation analysis


  • Luminaris Color HRM Master Mix (2X) includes chemically modified Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase, EvaGreen™ fluorescent dye, dNTPs and MgCl2 in an optimized PCR buffer with a blue dye.
  • 40x Yellow Sample Buffer with a yellow dye.
  • Nuclease-free water.
Hazardous No
Shelf Life 24 Months
Shipping Condition Frozen Gel Packs
Storage Condition -20 C
Storage notes Exposure to light should be minimized to avoid the loss of fluorescent signal intensity.

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