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Formula: C8H6NO4BrCIP x C7H9N, Molecular weight: 433.6

BCIP-T (5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl phosphate, p-toluidine salt) is a chromogenic substrate for alkaline phosphatase used in conjunction with the oxidant NBT (nitro blue tetrazolium, #R0841) to enhance blue color development.
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Thermo Scientific Alkaline phosphatase catalyses the removal of a  phosphate group from BCIP-T, generating a product that oxidizes and dimerizes to dibromodichloro indigo. The reducing equivalents produced during the dimerization reaction reduce NBT to an insoluble purple dye, diformazan (see Reference 1) (see Scheme below).


  • Detection of alkaline phosphatase activity in:
    • Southern blotting
    • Western blotting
    • Northern blotting
    • Dot/slot blots
    • Plaque and colony screening

Glucuronidase cleaves X-Gluc
Molecular weight: 433.6


Preparation of a 50 mg/mL stock solution in dimethylformamide is recommended.

Dimerization reaction
Formula C8H6NO4BrCIP x C7H9N
Hazardous No
Molecular weight 433.6
Quality Control Less than 3% water content.
Storage Condition -20 C
Storage Note Store at -20°C in the dark.

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