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ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase, 2 u/µl

Kód produktu: HLE0305 Kód výrobce: HLE0305 Výrobce: highQu GmbH professionally simple
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ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase, 2 u/µl

Zobraz detailní popis

Detailní popis


  • Fast high-fidelity PCR (up to 100 x Taq)

  • Long PCR up to 20 kb

  • Amplification of complex (GC/AT-rich) templates

  • Sequencing, including NGS

  • Blunt-end cloning and other applications



  • Fast, high yield PCR with the fidelity 100x higher than Taq

  • Up to 20 kb long PCR even from complex templates

  • Increased processivity for faster amplification and higher yield

  • High thermostability for better denaturation of GC rich templates

  • Best choice for NGS and other sequencing applications


Derived from our HiFi polymerase, the highQu ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase provides much lower error rate PCR with a 100 higher fidelity compared to Taq. The ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase is engineered to be much faster and to generate a higher yield of long PCR products up to 20 kb from complex GC-rich templates. Therefore the ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase is an excellent choice for longer and very complex PCR applications where the highest fidelity is demanded. It is an enzyme of choice for cloning and all kind of sequencing applications including NGS. Generated blunt-ended PCR products are suitable for ligation into blunt vectors. However, to increase ligation efficiency, the use of HighEnd™ Repair Kit (HER0101) is recommended for final polishing of PCR fragment ends.

For maximum convenience, the ALLin™ Mega HiFi Mastermix, 2X (HLM0201) and ALLin™ Mega HiFi Red Mastermix, 2X (HLM0301) are available.


Important Notes
  • Take typical measures to prevent PCR cross over contamination, keep your bench clean, wear gloves, use sterile tubes and filter pipet tips.
  • Include a no-template control and positive control in parallel.
  • Thaw and keep reagents on ice. Mix well before use.
  • For complex, GC rich templates, use 99-100°C denaturation temperature, it might help to increase the yield.
  • For established PCRs, try two-step cycling protocol with a combined annealing-denaturation step of 70°C (68°C to 75°C).
  • Run an annealing temperature gradient (2°C increments) from 60°C to 66°C to choose the best conditions.
  • The longer the amplicon, the longer the extension time: depending on the complexity of the template, perform extension from 10 sec/kb to 30 sec/kb. Longer extension for more complex templates is needed.


Prepare a 50 µl PCR reaction


Rev. & For. Primers variable, To 0.2 - 0.6 µM each (~2µl of 10 µM)
cDNA Template or
gDNA Template
<100 ng or
10 - 200 ng
5X ALLin™ Mega HiFi Buffer 10 µl
PCR Water to 49,5 μl
ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA  Polymerase, 2 u/µl 0,5 µl


  • Mix gently, avoid bubbles
  • Place into the instrument set like:


Initial denaturation 1 cycle: 95°C - 1 min
Denaturation 25-35 cycles: 95°C - 15 sec
Annealing 25-35 cycles: 60-66°C- 15 sec

25-35 cycles: 72°C – 30 sec (10-30 sec/kb)


  • After the PCR store probes shortly on ice, for long term store at -20°C.


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