Kód produktu: M-010.5 Kód výrobce: M-010-5 Kód dodavatele: {1B60822C-306C-4D31-A377-A2F945D1362F} Výrobce: EUROTUBO DELTALAB
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Made of autoclavable polypropylene, those racks are designed for freezer storage and are rated to –80 ºC.

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Detailní popis

Racks are designed to accommodate microtubes of diameter up to 11 mm. They are space-saving, as they feature 80 wells in a 5 x 16 configuration. An alpha-numeric matrix allows accurate sample identification. Lateral handles allow easy handling of the racks. Racks can be used alone or placed into the box M-011.1 (made of translucent plastic). Racks are compatible with the Gilson FC80 dispenser, for example.

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