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20x20 Grid, 0.5mm Coverslip, 25/P;K

Kód produktu: 66108-02 Kód dodavatele: {13CCC49A-3989-40A2-8C16-9936288CB029} Výrobce: Electron Microscopy Sciences

Detailní popis

EMS introduces a simple coverslip with a grid image that allows cells to grow and later be analyzed under brightfield or fluorescence microscopy before being further processed and sectioned for EM or other analysis. These unique coverslips do all that.


Light Microscopy, Fluorescence, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), High-Pressure Cryofixation, Reticles in microscope eyepieces, Calibration scale/grid on the microscope stage, Measurement tool when using magnifiers,Cover glass to make direct measurements, Specimen support


  • Reticle film has been thoroughly tested with cell culture
  • Good growth of cell culture (equivalent to conventional media)
  • Good adhesion to the substrate without cell polylysine
  • Resistant to normal chemicals used in electron microscopy
  • No oxygen retention, compatible resin LR White
  • Good optical quality in brightfield & UV fluorescence
  • Excellent transparency
  • Does not deform at temperatures (positive 100°C and negative liquid N2)
  • Rigid, does not float in the middle of culture
  • Easy to handle and cut with a knife or micro-punch
  • Simple sterilisation using alcohol or UV
  • Detaches easily from resin after polymerisation
  • Low cost


Cat. # Squares Surface square
unit size
Avg. cells / sq. unit*
66108-01 100 5x1mm 0.01mm2 2-3
66108-02 200 100mm 0.5mm2 20-25
66108-03 100 100mm 1mm2 40-50

*(eg HeLa Cell)

All of the coverslips are produced on a polyester based film, 0.18mm thick, 22 x 22mm, 25/box. All other grid sizes and film sizes are available upon special order.

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