10X DreamTaq Green Buffer

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Optimized buffers for PCR with DreamTaq DNA Polymerase.

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Thermo Scientific 10X DreamTaq Buffer is specifically optimized for PCR using DreamTaq DNA Polymerase. The buffer contains both KCl and (NH4)2SO4 to provide high specificity of primer annealing at a wide range of MgCl2 concentrations. 10X DreamTaq buffer includes 20 mM MgCl2.

The 10X DreamTaq Green Buffer is a proprietary PCR buffer, which contains KCl and (NH4)2SO4 at a ratio optimized for robust performance of DreamTaq DNA Polymerase in PCR and includes MgCl2 at a concentration of 20 mM. In addition, the buffer includes a density reagent and two tracking dyes. The density reagent allows direct loading of PCR products on a gel. The blue dye (migrates with 3 to 5 kb DNA fragments in 1% agarose gel) and the yellow dye (migrates faster than 10 bp DNA fragments in 1% agarose gel) are included for monitoring electrophoresis progress.

The dyes have excitation peaks at 424 nm and 615 nm. For applications that require PCR product analysis by absorbance or fluorescence excitation, we recommend using the colorless 10X DreamTaq Buffer or purifying the PCR product using the GeneJET PCR Purification Kit prior to analysis.

Hazardous No
Storage Condition -20 C

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