0.5 ml Low Adhesion Tube

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Low Adhesion Tubes are injection moulded with specially blended resins to minimize liquid retention and ensure optimal sample yield.

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This advanced technique eliminates the use of lubricants that may be harmful to priceless samples. Tubes are autoclavable and ideal for sensitive clinical assays, quantitative analysis, stock dilution series, quality control and any other application were optimal yield and minimal sample loss is required. Advanced moulding, quality control and packaging systems ensure that these products are free of enzyme and nucleic acid contamination.The resins used during the moulding prevent any protein binding, even small amounts, to the polypropylene surface. All sensitive protein working procedures can be done in these tubes. Domed inside lid.  
Article B64029
Colour Natural
Quantity bag of 500
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Ultra Clear Transparant ProductThick WallO-Type MaterialExtra Low AdhesionOpticalDNA, DNase, RNA, RNase & Pyrogen FreeAutoclavable
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