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Building the World's Best Cathodes

Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) and cerium hexaboride (CeB6)  cathodes are ideal for many small spot size applications such as SEM, TEM, surface analysis and metrology, and for high current applications such as microwave tubes, lithography, electron-beam welders, ....


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The cathode's mount design has a significant impact on performance.

The design must be simple, durable and precise. It must resist any movement of the crystal, despite the high operating temperatures, yet be easy to install and align. We feel we employ the best mount design in the industry, the Mini Vogel Mount.

In 1988, FEI of Hillsboro, Oregon introduced the Mini Vogel Mount (MVM) to provide the benefits of the original Vogel mount in a smaller, simpler, and more elegant design. Twin posts are rigidly fixed in a thick ceramic base, and bent towards the center in an inverted "V".

002B TEM ISI Topcon cathode LaB6 60/5

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