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MuSeek NGS Kit Ion Torrent

Kód produktu: K1331 Kód výrobce: K1331 Kód dodavatele: {BB803BEA-EA71-4CD9-922A-476425E1090A} Výrobce: UAB Fermentas
27 036,24 Kč
22 344,00 Kč bez DPH
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10 rxns

Produce Ion Torrent™-compatible next-gen sequencing libraries from as little as 100 ng starting DNA. DNA fragmentation and transposon-tagging are accomplished in one step.

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Detailní popis

Thermo Scientific MuSeek Library Preparation Kit for Ion Torrent™ is designed for generation of high‐quality genomic DNA libraries for sequencing with the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™) and Ion Proton™ systems. The fast protocol utilizes MuA transposase enzyme, which catalyzes simultaneous fragmentation of double-stranded target DNA and tagging the fragment ends with transposon DNA. In a subsequent PCR step the platform-specific adaptors are added using a robust and accurate Thermo Scientific Phusion™ High-Fidelity DNA polymerase. Starting with only 100 ng of the sample DNA the same protocol can be used to generate 100-400 bp insert libraries.


  • Fast – generates NGS fragment library in less than 80 minutes
  • Convenient – no physical shearing, end-repair and ligation steps
  • Easy to use – same protocol for generating different length DNA fragment libraries


DNA fragment library preparation for downstream use in next generation sequencing workflow.


  • MuSeek Enzyme Mix
  • MuSeek Fragmentation Reaction Buffer
  • MuSeek Stop Solution
  • Control DNA
  • MuSeek Adaptor Addition Primer Mix
  • MuSeek Adaptor Addition Reaction Buffer
  • Phusion Hot Start II High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase
  • MuSeek Sequencing Primer

Note: The kit is shipped on dry ice. Upon arrival, open the kit and place MuSeek Enzyme Mix for storage below -70°C, avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The Stop Solution can be stored at room temperature, and the remaining kit components at -20°C

Hazardous No
Shelf Life 12 Months
Shipping Condition Dry Ice
Storage Condition -80 C

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