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Gold Seal 3054, 25 x 75mm, 1mm Thick, Plain.

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Detailní popis

In our line of slides we proudly introduce GOLD SEAL® microscope slides for your convenience.

GOLDSEAL® slides are made from pure white glass (sodalime) and at accurately cut sizes. To preserve the highest quality from manufacturer to ultimate user, all GOLD SEAL® slides are hermetically sealed in our Moisture-Barrier™ system, providing a dry-slide environments during shipment and storage.

UltraStick™ (adhesion coating: APTES, 3-Aminopropyl Triethoxysilane)– Adhesion coated micro slides- one of the best from GOLD SEAL® are ideal for histological and cytological applications demanding superior specimen-to-slide adhesion. The enhanced silane coating eliminates tedious procedures and special additives to your water bath.

Procedures such as immunoperoxidase, in situ DNA hybridization, enzyme digestion and frozen tissue processing will benefit from the amplified adhesion characteristics of this product. Overall cost savings and assured quality of your prepared specimen will be recognized with UltraStick™ from Gold Seal®.

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